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fitness and movement coaching for kids!

MyFirstGym Thomastown is a destination for kids to fall in love with movement and fitness. A place that supports skill development and inspires kids to move their bodies through their most important developmental years.

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coach-led fitness classes for kids!

Your membership gives you access to either 1, 2 or 4 classes per week!
Our qualified coaches interact with your child and help them ensure they get the most of their class and learn to use their bodies.  
Classes run everyday with some of our most popular classes being MFGFit, MFG Ninja Warrior, Dance, Yoga, Cheer, Gymnastics and more! 

classes led by coaches

Choose from 60+ engaging classes on our timetable such as MFG-Fit, dance, gymnastics, ninja warrior and more, all taught by awesome, professional coaches!

making fitness fun!

Catering for kids aged 7 months to 15 years, we offer curriculum-based and speciality classes like Yoga, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance!

inspiring movement

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Aussie kids aren’t getting the recommended amount of physical activity each day?

mfg fit

MFG-Fit is Australia’s first functional training program specifically built for 7yrs -15 yrs. With a fun, yet challenging 10-week program focusing on Speed, Endurance, Strength & Power.

my first ninja warrior

This class focuses on building strength, cardio, endurance, confidence and athletic skills through obstacle courses to bring out your inner Ninja Warrior!

my first yoga

Our children’s Yoga program introduces the fundamentals of yoga and children’s mind/body awareness, in a fun and engaging way.

my first martial arts

This class aims to give children confidence through the correct use of martial arts, by demonstrating the correct technique and application of skills.

my first dance

We break down the steps, add games, activities & learn full and fun dance routines. Classes are designed to help incorporate fun fitness as a natural part of children’s lives!

my first parkour

This class develops your child's strength, coordination and problem solving ability while leaping, jumping and climbing through our specially designed Parkour course.


Our gymnastics classes are designed to get children to move using the basic principles of gymnastics. This class aims to give children more control over their bodies and focus on demonstrating the correct technique to develop control and relative body strength.


Designed around team-based fitness, this class combines the principles of team sport and group fitness classes popular with so many adults to give kids a real taste of the fun of exercise. Kids will learn how to be part of a team in a friendly competitive environment whilst improving their physical fitness.


Our sports program empowers children as they learn the rules and fundamentals of various sports. Your child will build confidence as they develop skills such as passing, catching, hitting, kicking, jumping, throwing, etc. while learning to play a wide range of sports.

My First Boxing

Kids will get to experience boxing based fitness classes, showcasing boxing skills, drills & combos combined with functional strength exercises.

Baby Explorers

(7 months - 1 year) During this class we give parents and guardians the confidence to support their baby through their motor development, to be able to have fun and play with your baby with stimulating and appropriate games

Walking Wallabies

(1 year) This class is a great start for toddlers, because it provides them with a safe and fun environment to practice their skills e.g. strength and control, so they can move confidently and independently.

jumping joeys

(2 years) This class introduces the progression of core movement patterns and early gymnastic skills. We teach joeys to understand spatial awareness and develop movement control.

energetic emus

(3 years) Gives your little one their first taste of our dingo pups and speciality classes. This class introduces a variety of fitness activities and incorporates basic strength, coordination and teamwork skills.

dingo pups

(4 years) This class advances your pup and focuses on early gymnastics, dance, bootcamp and ninja warrior. This class aids in school readiness, through the refinement of essential movement.

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258A Settlement Road Thomastown, VIC 3074


Ph: 0457 673 734

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"A long overdue concept, and the biggest fans are, well, pretty tiny..."

"A new gym just for kids has opened up in Australia, and is hoping to inspire the nation's youth to move a whole lot more."

"The idea is that the kids are inspired to love movement"